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If you are looking for a summer full of knowledge and fun, Antwerp Summer University introduces their first series of programmes for the 12th edition. 


The list of programmes is already available and registration is open. The second and third series will be announced mid-December 2020 and early February 2021. If covid-19 won’t allow the university to physically organise the summer schools on campus, several programmes will be offered online. Please visit their  website for the latest updates.

  • All programmes offer high quality education (lectures, visits, workshops).
  • Participants can acquire ECTS credits upon successful completion.
  • Target groups are different for each programme (students, researchers and/or professionals).
  • Scholarships and reduced fees are available for various summer schools.
  • Fun & interesting social activities are organised on evenings and in weekends.
  • 98% of last year's participants would recommend Antwerp Summer University to others.

Visit and find out everything about all the programmes!

About Antwerp Summer University

Since 2010, Antwerp Summer University offers short-term academic programmes of high quality based on the excellence of the University of Antwerp and its partners. From a tiny initiative in 2010 with 70 students in 3 programmes, Antwerp Summer University has grown into an established Summer University, expecting over 600 students from over 65 countries in 2021.


ATTENTION: If you are accepted in any of the courses and you would like to get academic recognition on your degree’s academic record for having carried out this activity, it is essential that, at least a couple of months before attending the course, you send an email to , and we will assess whether or not recognition is possible. Be aware that the vast majority of Summer Schools do not offer academic recognition, and the courses with credit recognition results in a lower amount of ECTS than those proposed in the information leaflets.