Antwerp Summer University Going Digital

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Interested in an online adventure along with like-minded people from all over the world? Make your stay at home a little more educational and join one of the seven exciting online courses offered!


Antwerp Summer University is offering a bunch of interesting virtual courses this summer, These courses are:

  • Valuations, quadratic forms and definability, 6th - 10th July
  • Children's Literature Summer School, 6th - 10th July
  • Europe: Diversity and Migration, 6th - 10th July
  • English for Academic Purposes, 17th - 28th August
    • Participants will improve two academic English skills. They will learn to write correct, transparent papers by focusing on paper structure, relevant grammar and academic vocabulary. In addition, they will explore typical presentation phrases and techniques that will make their presentations more effective and professional.
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  • Antwerp Summer School on Urban Logistics, 17th - 21st or 28th August
  • INSPIRE Summer School, 31st August - 5th September
  • Modelling infectious diseases, 7th - 11th September