Travel all around Europe this summer with BEST!

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Are you familiar with BEST - Board of European Students of Technology? If you like to travel, meet new people all around the world, and overall have a unique experience you shouldn't miss our activities!

Are you thinking of travelling all around Europe this summer, just because? If you like meeting new people and challenging yourself in the technological area ... you can apply now for our Summer Courses!
What are Summer Courses?
 BEST Summer Courses offer you a unique experience, 10 days in a European city where each BEST event is attended by 20-30 engineering and technology students like you, who have something in common: they want to live a unique experience, different from day-to-day school life!

How do I apply?

1. Register at
2. Validate your account
3. Choose 3 of the 53 courses we offer before the 16 of march!
How can I learn more about these courses?
Come to the "Xocolatada" in Campus Nord, Wednesday 19, in Plaça de Telecos !
Visit us in our office A3S105, every Monday from 10 am to 12 am. 
Or contact us through  , our Instagram @bestupc, or checking up our web