Graduation Ceremony 2020/2021

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On 11 December, the FIB Academic Act has been held online on YouTube, and accreditations have been delivered to the graduates of the 2019/2020 academic year.

acte academic 2020

The event could be followed by YouTube and invited the 445 graduate students of the 2019/2020 academic year from the following studies:

  • Bachelor Degree in Informatics Engineering
  • Master’s Degree in Informatics Engineering
  • Master’s Degree in Innovation and Research in Informatics
  • Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence
  • Master’s Degree in Secondary and Upper Secondary Education, Vocational Training and Foreign Language Teaching

The ceremony, led by the journalist Mariola Dinarès from Catalunya Ràdio, began with the greeting of the dean and the rector.

The official greeting was followed by a debate that addressed a current issue: what are the challenges that we have to face in the nearest future as a society. The debate counted on the "virtual" presence of Mrs. Roser Cussó, Mr. Eduard Martín, and its moderator and presenter, Professor Marc Alier

Once the debate was over, another live connection took place from the computer lab C6S302, which is a place where graduates have carried out practicals and developed projects during their stay at the FIB.

In this place, the presenter Mariola Dinarès took the opportunity to do a short interview with the dean, Josep Fernandez.

Next, it was time to reward the graduates who have stood out for their academic results in their degree.

  • everis Award for the two best academic records of the Degree in Informatics Engineering. On behalf of everis, an NTT DATA Company, Óscar Aranda Hernández, Technical Manager (Digital Experience - Technology & Advanced Solutions) at everis, said a few words and read out the names of the winners.

  • FIB Alumni Award for the best bachelor’s thesis. The president of FIB Alumni, Benito Cerrillo, presented and gave the name of the winner.


Afterwards, the graduates collaborating with Mentoring and Aula Lliure received their recognition. This is a recognition to those who have been involved in welcoming, helping and supporting students of the first years. Working as mentors or trainers in the Aula Llliure is a mainstay of the progress for those who have just arrived, and especially in a year as complicated as the one we are going through. The person in charge of presenting the FIB Tutorial Action Programme was María Teresa Abad, vice- dean for Students, who has devoted many efforts in recent years, together with Gemma Sesé, vice-dean head of Academic Studies for Initial Phase, to make the Tutorial Action Plan come true.

On the other hand, graduate students who have made an academic stay at one of the universities of the CLUSTER network also received their recognition.

To end the block of recognitions, the Talent program was presented, a training programme led by inLab FIB. The person in charge of presenting the program and congratulating the graduates who have taken part of it was Professor Josep Casanovas, who has retired last September and has been the director of the inLab FIB (formerly LCFIB) since it was created. 

After the speech of Josep Casanovas, whom we thank for the work carried out throughout the years, we connected with José María and Jaime, people who have been caring for and feeding FIB graduates for a long time, and who have provided the necessary caffeine for long study days and endless practicals.

Once they finished their warm greeting, we entered the last part of the ceremony, the moment of the "graduation photo-video" of the 2019/2020 academic year, which for the graduates are a memory of their time in the faculty. For each one of the degrees, a representative of the students said a few words to all the classmates of their year.

  • Bachelor Degree in Informatics Engineering: Andrea Querol

  • Master’s Degree in Informatics Engineering: Arnau Comas

  • Master’s Degree in Innovation and Research in Informatics: Görkem Çalim

  • Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence: Alessia Mondolo

  • Master's Degree in Secondary and Upper Secondary Education, Vocational Training and Foreign Language Teaching: Margalida Fullana

From that moment on, the graduates can download the accreditations from the Racó.

The last degree went over to Mariola Dinarés and Josep Fernandez, who closed the ceremony from the C6 Building congratulating and reminding all graduates that the FIB will always be their home.

Congratulations to all the graduates of the 2019/20 academic year!!!

Graduation Ceremony video