Karina Gibert, nova directora d’IDEAI

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The 18th February, 2021, the relief process of the head of IDEAI was completed with the designation of Mrs. Karina Gibert as the new director of IDEAI.

IDEAI is the specific research center in Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Data Science at the UPC. It has 65 permanent researchers and was created in October 2017, being the largest research center in AI in Spain. In February 2018 Mr. Cecilio Angulo vook office as the center’s first director for a three-year term, and now IDEAI is beginning its second three-year term under the direction of Ms. Karina Gibert.

DEAI’s management rotates between the research groups belonging to the center, which are currently 7, and governance is based on a management team that includes a representative from each IDEAI research groups. 

Karina Gibert played a very active role in the creation of the center and has been part of the management team since the beginning, representing her research group, the Knowledge Engineering and Machine Learning group (KEMLG). She is Full Professor of Intelligent Data Science and Artificial Intelligence and specializes in extracting strategic value from data to support complex decision making. She is very active in applied research, primarily to health, the environment and sustainability and digital transformation. She is also very concerned about promoting female talent in the field of STEAM and overcoming the glass ceiling of female professionals and scientists in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

We wish luck and success to Karina Gibert and thank Cecilio Angulo for all the work done during all these years.