The Cooperation Fair

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It will take place on May 9th, at "Plaça de les Constel·lacions", and the goal is for it to be a meeting point for the entire UPC.

Next May 9th the Cooperation Fair will take place in the UPC at 12 pm at "Plaça de les Constel·lacions" on Nord Campus (in front of the Rector Gabriel Ferraté Library).

The Fair aims to be a meeting point for the entire UPC community to share the cooperation projects developed in 2023 and, at the same time, motivate and encourage the participation of all those people interested in taking part in initiatives in this area.

There will be round tables at the fair where some of the developed projects will be highlighted and there will be the presence, in the form of stops, of entities, NGOs and projects. During the fair you will also be able to enjoy the tasting of eco-solidarity beers and participate, joining the group, in the "Pillar for cooperation" with the "Colla Arreplegats" of the University Zone.