End of mask use. Back to university life

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In view of the new measures published by the health authorities and the evaluation of the Occupational Risk Prevention Service (SPRL) of the UPC, the mask is no longer mandatory in UPC buildings. 

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Consequently, with regard to the exercise of academic activity, wearing a face mask is no longer compulsory for both students and professors.

However, the mask is still required in UPC spaces in the following situations:

  • shared use of an elevator, and
  • when a person has tested positive for COVID-19, at all times,
  • when a person has symptoms compatible with COVID-19, at all times.

Additionally, we are advised to wear it in those situations in which people gather in one space and the distance cannot be maintained at all times or there is not proper ventilation.

You will find all the information at https://www.upc.edu/en/covid-19-portal/covid19portal

Thanks to the dedication of the students, faculty and administration and service staff, we have overcome these two years of restrictions and confinements, while maintaining the quality of training and academic performance. 

Dean's Team