2020 Internships in CESBIO (Toulouse, France)

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The Centre d'Études Spatiales de la Biosphère (CESBIO),  a research laboratory that belongs to the French Spacial Agency is offering an internship.

  • Project title: New deep learning methodologies for detecting land cover changes between satellites image times series
  • Project Study field: Image processing / Artificial Intelligence
  • Short description of the subject of the stay: Reliable, accurate and up-to-date land cover information constitutes key environmental data for developing efficient policies in this era of resource scarcity and climate change.  Nowadays, recent satellite missions such as Sentinel constitute a major assetf or Earth monitoring providing new high resolution optical and radar Satelitte Image Times Series. The unprecedented amount of remote sensing images of heterogeneous physical nature offers new opportunities for change detection monitoring. Nowadays, Deep Learning (DL) methods represent a powerful tool for remote sensing image analysis. DL architectures hold great promises for both extracting high-level and abstract features for massive flow of data. A very few studies have proposed deep learning strategies for land cover change detection applications
  • Starting date of the stay (Spring semester / Fall semester): Spring semester
  • Duration of the stay (Bachelor around 5 months of work) (Master thesis involves around 6 months, potentially up to 12 months if combined with Internship
  • Skills you require from the candidates (student profile):  Machine learning, Scientific programming
  • Bachelor student or Master student: Master student is preferred
  • Number of positions: 1
  • Contact person for questions about offered position (name and email): Silvia Valero (   )

Please, if you finally agree an internship with CESBIO contact to begin the administrative procedures.