Institutional Visit to the UPC - Beihang University, May 2024

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Last May 2nd, a delegation from Beihang University visited the UPC.

This May 2nd, a delegation from the University of Beihang met at the UPC, this visit was coordinated by the International Relations Office of the UPC and different meetings were scheduled during the morning and afternoon divided by the areas of interest.

The Vice Dean of International Relations of the FIB, Anna Rio attended on behalf of the FIB, this meeting was a space to share lines of work to strengthen bilateral cooperation in related areas.

Created in Beijing in 1952, the university of Beihang was the first Chinese university on aeronautics and astronautics. Being one of the 16 key universities in China, Beihang has become one of the leading universities in the development of engineering, science, business, humanities and art.