Welcome Ceremonies 2022-2023

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During 2 and 5 September took place the Welcome Ceremonies for Masters and Erasmus students.

Welcome Ceremony for Erasmus students

The Erasmus Welcome Ceremony took place on Friday, 2 September at 9.30 am in Sala d'Actes Manuel Martí Recober at FIB.

Welcome Ceremony for FIB Masters

On Monday 5 September at 10 am the welcoming ceremony was held for new students of the FIB masters in the Màster classroom of the Campus Nord. During the event were given the following Masters:

  • Máster in Computer Science (MEI)
  • Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics (MIRI)
  • Master in Artificial Intelligence (MAI)
  • Master in Data Science (MDS)

The Vicedean of Graduate Studies, Oscar Romero has been in charge of the presentation of each Master.