CSIC JAE Intro scolarships for research initiation

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The Department of Postgraduate and Specialisation (DPE) of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) presents the JAE Intro Scholarship Programme for Research, the only one at CSIC.

The JAE Intro scholarship programme consists of three forms, all of which are aimed at introducing research for university students. These grants are remunerated and give the possibility to perform the TFG and the TFM at different institutes, centres and units of the CSIC.

The three scholarships offered are as follows:

  • JAE Intro General
    • Adressed to students in the last year of their Bachelor studies and to Master students.
    • Application deadline: from 10 March to 12 April.
    • Overall number of grants: 250.
    • Application form
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  • JAE Intro ICU
    • Scholarships for secondary schools, centres, and CSIC units addressed to undergraduate or master's students who have completed at least 50% of their degree credits.
    • Application deadline: permanent call renewed every 6 months.
    • Overall number of grants: between 1 and 6 places per secondary school, aproximately 130 in total.
    • Application form


  • JAE Intro SOMdM
    • Scholarships for Masters students to collaborate in secondary schools accredited as "Severo Ochoa" and CSIC's "María de Maeztu" Excellence Centres.
    • Application deadline: from 15 May to 15 June 2021.
    • Overall number of grants: between 1 and 6 places per centre/unity.
    • Application form



JAE Intro Program