Enrolment 2020/2021, Spring semester

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Enrolment in the FIB as of 8th February. Enrolment of students of GEI since the 8th to the 12th February. Enrolment of students of Master between the 3rd and 12th February.

Check the FIB Statement related to the spring semester teaching organitzation

Enrolment 2nd Semester course 2020-2021

Students Bachelor Degree in Informatics Engineering (GEI)

Students Bachelor Degree in Data Science and Engineering (GCED)

  • Students that continue:
    • Registration for students (in the initial stage):  8th February
    • Registration for second year and beyond undergraduates: 8th February

Masters' Degree Enrolment


You can check the day and time that you have to register on 3rd February at the e-Secretaria