Jordi Torres’s new book on Artificial Intelligence topics

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The FIB professor publishes an initiation guide on deep reinforcement learning.

The professor at the FIB and the Department of Computer Architecture, Jordi Torres, has published a new book in Spanish entitled Introducción al aprendizaje por refuerzo profundo. Teoría y práctica en Python (in English, Introduction to deep reinforcement learning. Theory and practice in Python). This book, which is been published as open access on the Internet and can also be purchased on Amazon, is a guide to get started in the theory and applications of deep reinforcement learning that aims to serve as a solid basis for anyone who wants to advance in this topic, while facilitating a practical understanding of the foundations.

Torres is the manager of the Emerging Technologies for Artificial Intelligence Group at the BSC, professor at the UPC as well as member of the Col·legi Oficial d’Enginyeria en Informàtica de Catalunya (COEINF) and FIB Alumni. He states in the preface to his book that “for me it is the most interesting field of artificial intelligence at the moment, which gathers the deep learning capacity to represent and understand the world with the reinforcement learning capacity to act on that basis”. The FIB professor believes that “the progress of the science of reinforcement learning is already unstoppable, and there is no turning back. For this reason, the best way to achieve a better use is through its "democratisation", that is, making it available to as many people as possible”.

Jordi Torres regularly publishes posts about artificial intelligence on his blog. He has also written several books on big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. His last book was Python Deep Learning, a manual that combines theory and practice in order to understand deep learning and the possibilities of this technology.

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