Atos IT Challenge 2020

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From Atos we want you to participate like all years in our IT CHALLENGE 2020, our international student contest dedicated to tecnhology innovation.

This is a huge opportunity to know our digital world and to have laboral chances inside Atos Group.

The contest is based in the design of an app, building a bussiness plan around your idea. All 15 teams that reach the second stage of the competition will be asigned with a mentor and a coach of the Atos Scientific community, that will work with the students in the app development. It is a great learning and developing opportunity to work with someone that belongs to the industry.

This year's topic is “How can the digital decarbonize what's not digital?".

You have the IDEA and we will make it REAL!!

Does it seem interesting? Keep reading!!

The only requirement is to be a University student! Cheer up and participate! You have nothing to lose!

The team inscription and idea presentation is before 30th November 2020.

Dont forget that the winner will have an INCREDIBLE REWAD: 1st: 10.000€, 2nd : 5.000 €, 3rd : 3.000 €, besides of the invitation to the awards ceremony in Paris, some working experience and opportunities inside Atos Group.

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