Salsa’m programme 2022

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New call to participate in the UPC's international student induction programme.

New call to participate in Salsa’m, the UPC international student induction programme. Would you like to participate?

Looking for Mentors

If you join the programme, you will be mentoring incoming students and you will get an academic recognition of three ECTS as well. The mentorship will begin in October and will include online activities of school familiarization, as well as language and cultural exchange.

Enroll in Salsa’m programme to join good experience that will alow you to relate with people from other parts of the world.

You can find all the information at the SLT website.
You can also check the programme's Facebook.

You can register until 31 December 2021 31 December 2022.

Looking for grantholders

You also have the chance to participate as a FIB coordinator, while benefiting from a grant.

Three grants of 10 hour/week and 3-month duration (January - April) are offered:

In addition of the economic retribution, if you are a degree student, you'll get an academic recognizement of 6 optative ECTS for activites of university extension.

You can find all the information at the SLT website.

Application deadline is 12 January 2022.