AI Coliseum 2022

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Take part in the AI Coliseum 2022 and create your own artificial intelligence and win a lot of awards.

AI Coliseum is a programming contest where participants, by teams, have to implement an artificial intelligence that plays a game that will be revealed at the beginning of the event. Once the game is explained, the teams will have approximately two weeks to upload and modify their strategy, and to test against each other's strategies. Participation is entirely free and more than 1000 euros will be distributed in awards.

The activity will take place on Saturday 2 July. A face-to-face event will be held at 10 am where participants will be able to program at the Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics, meet other participants and organizers, and participate in a small heating tournament. The organizers will provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks free to all attendees. However, a web form will need to be filled in.

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