Statement: new phase in the management of COVID-19

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In accordance with the guidelines of the Department of Health, COVID-19 is to be treated as any other respiratory infection for all purposes.

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Specifically, from 28 March 2022, it is not mandatory to isolate people who have been in close contact with a positive person, people with symptoms compatible with COVID-19 or people with positive COVID-19 with mild symptoms.

People who are vulnerable to COVID-19 or positive people with COVID-19 who have severe symptoms should contact their health centre to obtain a certificate prescribing, if applicable, the need for isolation, and therefore the impossibility to carry out face-to-face activity on campus.

You will find all the information on the Canal Salut website.

Following the same guidelines, it is no longer mandatory to report COVID-19 effects and therefore it no longer makes sense to count and monitor cases individually, as is not the case with other respiratory infections or other illnesses.

For this reason, we have deactivated the COVID-19 form on the FIB website, the beginning of the protocol we had established, and we will no longer be able to inform the teaching staff of active cases via Racó.

Therefore, we move to a situation like the one before the pandemic, where students who suffer from any illness that prevents them from attending campus for a certain time, including cases of severe COVID-19, should contact directly with their teachers, who can ask them for the medical certificate justifying it before possibly offering them an alternative to follow the subject.

Should you have any questions contact us through the email 

We hope that COVID-19 will end completely soon and that we will never have to re-establish a protocol and a monitoring system like the ones we have had at the FIB for the last two years.

Dean's Team of the Barcelona School of Informatics (FIB)