WomENcourage, participation Scholarships

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The ACM in conjunction with womENcourage and their sponsors are proud to offer Participation Scholarships to a number of students who have shown exceptional interest in the relevant fields.

Womencourage Scholarships 2017

The award amounts are based on the applicant’s zone and not on the actual expense of traveling to attend the conference. Awards amounts are set. The maximum amount of the award is €500 and discussion will not be entered into. Award amounts include the cost of registration to the conference. The applicant must meet the eligibility criteria set out in this document in order to be considered. The applicant must follow all the required procedure listed in this document and furnish the required information in sufficient time in order to be considered eligible.

Participation Scholarships 2017 dates:

  • Participation Scholarships applications due June 12, 2017
  • Notification of Participation Scholarships acceptance July 14, 2017

Participation Scholarship Applications can be submitted here until June 12th.

The purpose of these participation scholarships to encourage women in the field of computing to:

  • Accelerate in their career through learning from others and asking for help when necessary;
  • Converse with others on how best to manage their work life balance and
  • Meet with their peers in order to build on their networks of expertise.

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