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The domain of Software Analytics is broad and can be applied to various environments. In the context of a UPC granted project, the GESSI group has developed a first prototype of a Strategic Dashboard for monitoring the progress of software projects developed by student teams, which is called Learning Dashboard. The goal of this project is to add new capabilities to the current implementation of the Learning Dashboard to allow it to cover other scenarios where teams of software developers are involved. For instance, the onboarding of junior developers.

We have developed LoRaMesher, an on-going implementation for doing mesh networking with LoRa nodes. https://github.com/LoRaMesher/LoRaMesher The TFM will develop LoRaMesher further on a specific topic, such as embedded systems, network level, machine learning or application level, according to the interest.

Doctors take notes of the evolution of patients during the length of their treatment. Once it is done, it is important to summarize all this information in a concise way to be included in their medical history. The aim of this project is to develop an end-to-end summarization model that is able to produce coherent medical summaries given medical reports.

Consulta ofertes d'altres estudis i especialitats