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This project aims to analyze the prediction capability of Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography (OCTA) images for Diabetes Mellitus (DM) and Diabetic Retinopathy (DR,) in a large high-quality image dataset from previous research projects carried out in the field of Ophthalmology (Fundacio¿ La Marato¿ TV3, Fondo Investigaciones Sanitarias, FIS). OCTA is a newly developed, non-invasive, retinal imaging technique that permits adequate delineation of the perifoveal vascular network. It allows the detection of paramacular areas of capillary non perfusion and/or enlargement of the foveal avascular zone (FAZ), representing an excellent tool for assessment of DR.

Ciència de les Dades i Intel·ligència Computacional Enginyeria del Coneixement i Aprenentatge Automàtic

The human genome can be thought of as a long string of four characters (i.e., A, C, G, and T). This string encodes the instructions used by each cell in our bodies to produce the necessary molecules. Thus, variation at the level of the genome drives variation at the level of the molecule, ultimately resulting in variation of the characteristics or traits of the cell and organism, i.e., phenotype. This variation can be studied in the population by genotyping individuals, which helps us determine the DNA sequence at specific positions within the genome.

Enginyeria del Coneixement i Aprenentatge Automàtic Modelat, Raonament i Solució de Problemes

The main goal of the work is to design and build a prototype recommender/intelligent planner that suggests the "optimal" combination of industrial processes (a series of steps) to convert (recycle) a product/material (residual generated by a company) in another material that needs another company (as an input raw material), contributing to not wasting material and to increase the concept of circular economy.

The student will have to implement different learning algorithms of Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM) neural networks using CUDA, and compare the performance against a standard CPU implementation.

Recent advances in the field of Reinforcement Learning (DRL) are rising a lot of attention due to its potential for automatic control and automatization. Breakthroughs from academia and the industry (e.g, Stanford, DeepMind and OpenAI) are demonstrating that DRL is an effective technique to face complex optimization problems with many dimensions and non-linearities. However, to train a DRL agent in large optimization scenarios still remains a challenge due to the computational intensive operations during backpropagation.

Web tracking technologies are extensively used to collect large amounts of personal information (PI), including the things we search, the sites we visit, the people we contact, or the products we buy. Although it is commonly believed that this data is mainly used for targeted advertising, some recent works revealed that it is exploited for many other purposes, such price discrimination, financial credibility, insurance coverage, government surveillance, background scanning or identity theft.

Consulta ofertes d'altres estudis i especialitats