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La principal problemática en Realidad Virtual es la imposibilidad de estudiar entornos de alta densidad de población, debido a la falta de realismo que existe entre la visualización y las sensaciones táctiles (empujones, presión). Es por ello que nos proponemos estudiar el uso del Joystick háptico para dirigir el movimiento de un avatar en un entorno con una gran densidad de agentes. Pretendemos evaluar si el uso de estos dispositivos permite aumentar el realismo y la inmersión, para avanzar en este tipo de estudios con escenarios que presenten una gran densidad de objetos dinámicos.

Xarxes de Computadors i Sistemes Distribuïts Computació d'Altes Prestacions

In this project the aim is to design and implement heuristics and meta-heuristics such as Genetic Algorithms for efficient placement of applications in Edge and Fog computing platforms. Such placement problem is an optimisation problem aiming to find the best fit edge or fog node for hosting an application while minimizing response time and achieving scalability.

Computació Avançada Computació d'Altes Prestacions

In many state-of-the-art simulation codes the discretization is so closely tied to the data layout and solver that switching discretizations in the same code is not possible. Not only does this preclude the kind of comparison that is necessary for scientific investigation, but it makes library development impossible. This project consists in implementing and verifying different topology strategies to treats all the different pieces of a 3D mesh (e.g. cells, faces, edges, and vertices) in exactly the same way. This allows the mesh interface to be very small and simple, while remaining flexible and general. This also allows "dimension independent programming", which means that the same algorithm can be used unchanged for meshes of different shapes and dimensions. The project will use an existing parallel python prototype and explore alternatives to improve its robustness and extend it without sacrificing flexibility. This project will investigate various ways to optimise and parallelise Python programs for large-scale simulations on real-life production clusters.

Computació Avançada Computació d'Altes Prestacions Ciència de les Dades

Robotic Process Automation is receiving significant attention, due to the promise of improving the performance of the main processes of an organization by incorporating robots that partially perform repetitive tasks. In this project, we will consider how Process Mining can help into finding opportunities to apply Robotic Process Automation for a real case study.

Gràfics i Realitat Virtual Ciència de les Dades

The goal of the project is to create an interactive tool that lets the user visually compare the outcomes of different weather forecast data sources.

Gràfics i Realitat Virtual

Walking in Place is an intuitive and popular method to navigate virtual environments. Its main advantage is that it can lessen motion sickness when compared to using other devices such as hand held controllers. However, when navigating an immersive virtual environment, using a Head Mounted Display, the user looses all references to the real world, which makes it difficult to stay within the same physical spot. In the thesis, we want to explore how walk in place can be combined with real walking to achieve a smooth transition between navigation in large and small environments. We also want to investigate different approaches to guarantee that the user will stay within the limits of the space tracked by the HTC VIVE bases.

Gràfics i Realitat Virtual Xarxes de Computadors i Sistemes Distribuïts Computació Avançada Computació d'Altes Prestacions Enginyeria de Serveis Ciència de les Dades

The Barcelona Neural Networking Center (BNN-UPC) is offering two positions to develop the Master Thesis in the field of Graph Neural Networks (GNN) applied to computer networking. This TFM will be fully funded and will be carried in the context of a large industrial project with a major multinational technology company.

This work is connected with the European Marie Curie project called ATLAS ("AuTonomous IntraLuminAl Surgery"). ATLAS aims at investigating the use of snake-like robots through complex and fragile lumens (e.g. gastrointestinal tract). In particular, this final degree project is part of a broader research on the inspection, development and testing of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) for robotic assisted intraluminal procedures. SOFA is a C++ based open-source framework targeting at real-time simulation, with an emphasis on the medical field. The aim of this final degree project is to expand the SOFA capabilities by developing a plugin which allows the users to write dedicated Graphical User Interface (GUI) using Qt. The final goal, is the development a GUI for an interactive simulation of an intraluminal procedure (i.e. Colonoscopy).

Xarxes de Computadors i Sistemes Distribuïts Enginyeria de Serveis Ciència de les Dades

Automatización de Procesos de Negocio a través de herramientas de Robotización (con beca de INDRA)

Xarxes de Computadors i Sistemes Distribuïts Computació d'Altes Prestacions Enginyeria de Serveis Ciència de les Dades

Discovery y predicción de fallos en base a logs provenientes de Tomcat y Weblogic, con la suite de ElasticSearch, Kibana y Logstat (ELK) (con beca de INDRA)

Computació Avançada Computació d'Altes Prestacions

Python programming language has become popular in scientific computing due to the many benefits it offers for fast code development. Unfortunately, the performance of pure Python programs is often sub-optimal, but fortunately, this can be easily remedied. The project consists of implementing and verifying a high-order and mixed finite element method for electromagnetic modeling in geophysics at real-life scale. The project will use an existing parallel python prototype and explore alternatives to improve its robustness and extend it without sacrificing flexibility. This project will require various ways to optimize and parallelize Python programs. Among the topics are performance analysis, efficient use of NumPy arrays, extending Python with more efficient languages (Cython), and parallel computing with message passing (mpi4py) approach.

Computació Avançada Computació d'Altes Prestacions Enginyeria de Serveis

Desenvolupar noves funcionalitats per a N2P, un traductor d'entorns ABM (Models Basats en Agents) del llenguatge Netlogo a Pandora (BSC). Opcionalment, desenvolupar una capa de visualització i interfície pels usuaris i establir la plataforma com un servei Open per a la comunitat científica.

Ciència de les Dades

The weather - dependent routing algorithm will be integrated into a service for the logistic platforms of food distribution companies enabling self-response capabilities during severe weather events. Using a Multi-Hazard Early Warning System (MH-EWS) as an input, effects of weather will be crossed with a representation model of the road network. The model will be used to provide alternative routes with anticipation to the logistic demand (total freight to be moved between warehouses). Resulting routes should be shown over a map.

Gràfics i Realitat Virtual Xarxes de Computadors i Sistemes Distribuïts Computació Avançada Computació d'Altes Prestacions Enginyeria de Serveis Ciència de les Dades

In a world that has been seeing a gradual miniaturization/acceleration of wireless communications to meet the explosive growth of data traffic, the NaNoNetworking Center in Catalunya (N3Cat) aims to shape the wireless networks of the future ¿even beyond the 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) paradigms. The main focus of N3Cat is to conceive ultrafast, ultra-small, and ultra-efficient wireless communications to enable new and disruptive applications such as wireless on-chip networks, reconfigurable metamaterials, body area networks, or even intra-body networks.

Xarxes de Computadors i Sistemes Distribuïts Computació Avançada Enginyeria de Serveis

The goal of this project is to create a security module for the Open Daylight platform [1] using a tool similar to Bitcoin called Hyperledger [2]; both of them are open-source projects. Taking advantage of the security properties of Bitcoin (distributed, trustless, auditable), it is possible to securely assign IP addresses among its owners, allowing the detection of parties that are not using their legitimate IP addresses. In addition, with the extended capabilities of Hyperledger, we can distribute more information rather than just IP prefixes, such as public keys, configuration parameters, etc. The student will get involved in the joint development team between Cisco Systems (HQ, San Jose CA) and UPC.

Ciència de les Dades

In recent years the volume of information available electronically has increased exponentially, coining the term Big Data to refer to this phenomenon. The medical domain is an area in which the number of documents generated by the centers for patient primary care constantly increases. However, a bottleneck is generated because processing these documents requires specialized personnel craftly performing tasks. In the framework of GraphMed research project, we are developing a set of processors that allow automatic analysis of medical texts taking into account criteria of robustness, high precision and coverage. In particular, this thesis would aim at the extraction of semantic graphs related to medical records and acquisition of patterns of clinical behavior.

Computació Avançada Ciència de les Dades

This project is a continuation of two previous master thesis developed in the second terms of courses 2017-2018 and 2018-2019. In the framework of the Tokyo2020 Olympic Games Weather Project, leaded by TriM s.r.l. company and funded by Austrian Sailing Federation, Croatia and Cyprus Laser Olympic classes, a big amount of data have been and are currently collected on the sea through real time sensors during trainings and racings and are being stored into a cloud database. The collaboration with UPC is aimed at developing a data analysis methodology able to support sailors decisions during Olympic Games races. Sailing strategy and performance are strongly related with environmental parameters such as weather, oceanic current and geographical data. A thorough prediction of the conditions expected during a sailing race is a valuable information for a sailor, as it completely conditions his/her tactics during the race. With the aim of developing a decision support system valid for the Olympic Classes Sailing Venues, the following components will be developed and integrated together into one single web-based platform: 1. Wind component 2. Waves component 3. Oceanic current component 4. Boat Performance component. The present master thesis proposal is related with the wind component. The goal is to develop a methodology/procedure to analyse the 'recorded wind dataset' and to recognize significant wind patterns, in other words characteristic features of the wind speed and direction related with the other weather parameters of the day (air pressure, air and water temperature, etc..) and with the geographical position of the specific racing area. A similar analysis should be performed on the 'weather prediction model dataset' and for instance on the wind parameter of the model, to find correlations between predicted and measured values. This step is fundamental for the validation of the weather model that will be used daily during the Olympic Games.

Computació d'Altes Prestacions

L'objectiu del projecte és dissenyar i avaluar un sumador aproximat de nombres en coma flotant, que pugui ser útils en entorns que poden suportar una certa pèrdua de precisió en els càlculs. En primer terme, caldrà estudiar l'estat de l'art, tant en dades de tipus enter com en dades de tipus coma flotant. Després es dissenyarà un sumador aproximat de nombres en coma flotant. S'especificarà en VHDL i s'avaluaran les seves característiques en termes de precisió, retard, àrea, consum energètic,...

Computació d'Altes Prestacions Enginyeria de Serveis Ciència de les Dades

La Simulació Social com a mecanisme d'experimentació virtual en nombrosos problemes de creixent interés en la Societat, precisa disenyar sistemes eficients i flexibles per a la presa de decisions. Basant-se en tecnologies orientades a agents (ABM) i en l'aprofitament, si escau, de la computació d'altes prestacions (HPC), es tracta de desplegar sistemes integrats en l'àmbit de la Salut, les Dinàmiques Poblacionals i altres similars.

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