SANS scholarship for MIRI and MEI - 2019/2020

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Do you want to collaborate with a research group? Are you interested in Data Platforms for Community Sensing? Now SANS offers 2 scholarships!!

The SANS (Statistical Analysis of Networks and Systems, is a research group interested on the capture and analysis of data from Internet of Things devices, applied to different areas, such as environmental monitoring, smart cities, and analysis of mobility patterns.

The SANS offers 2 scholarships during the year 2019-2020. The student will collaborate with in activities in the research group related to Data Platforms for Community Sensing and statistical modeling and analysis for spatial sensor data while is following the Master Courses.

Requirements for applicants

We look for students with a good background in Computer Science, Telecommunication and Electrical Engineering, Mathematics or Physics.

Amount of grants

The amount of the scholarship is €6,000 per year.


31st of January 2020.

More information on the web of the Masters of the FIB.