Internships in Silicon Valley!

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UPC and Cisco have an agreement and you can enjoy a 1-year internship at the Cisco Systems headquarters in Silicon Valley (San Jose, California), very close to San Francisco!

Cisco is a leading company in the area of networking, machine learning as well as software and hardware development with over 70.000 employees around the globe. Cisco is accepting application from grad and master students including all specializations. Check the attached PDF for further information as well as the website:


  • Learn from Cisco’s brightest minds
  • Work on some of the coolest new tech in the industry
  • Live, work, and play with the best students from around the globe
  • Paid travel and Visa costs
  • Sponsored cultural and social activities
  • Salary and housing (including utilities, furniture, & amenities)
  • Experience vibrant international student culture and explore the San Francisco Bay Area with fellow interns


To apply for a CIIP internship, target candidates should be:

  • Pursuing a relevant undergraduate or master degree, and have 1-year of additional schooling to complete, post-CIIP
  • Able to obtain, or have, a passport valid for the duration of the internship
  • Available to live and work in the U.S. for 12 months
  • Willing to undergo the J-1 Visa obtainment process
  • Demonstrating academic proficiency
  • Fluent in English

Interested? Contact Albert Cabellos ( ) for questions.

How to apply? Send your CV before 20th November (SHARP DEADLINE) to .

Note: DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE CIIP WEBSITE, SEND FIRST YOUR CV TO ALBERT. Applications have to be pre-approved by the university staff.

Further information (pdf document)