Conference: "Women in Tech: The status of gender gap in technology"

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Date: 14th of March, 12:00 p.m.

Speakers: Caroline Dumanoir, Elise West and Anemari Fiser

Venue: UPC FIB, room A5102


The gender gap that exists in the IT and technology sector is an ongoing problem that all professionals working in the area should be aware of. The unprecented strike for gender equality the last 8th of March showed a reality that many choose to ignore. UPC ACM believes that more actions, talks, and discussions are needed if we want to stand a chance of changing society for the better so we are  organizing this event to shed a bit more light on the situation.

Caroline Dumanoir (, Elise West ( and Anemari Fiser (, three women with an extensive background in the tech field, will be sharing their thoughts and experiences and will put forth some possible solutions to a problem that needs to be tackled by all in the sector - men and women alike. Gender inequality should be a real concern for everyone; How can we move forward and progress in the rapidly evolving area that is tech if only half the population are permitted access to the arena?

Taking action is key, but first we need to come up with the ideas that are going to disrupt the status quo and get us on a path to closing the gender gap in tech. After the talk we will have a roundtable discussion moderated Emma Baddeley, Software Developer from ThoughtWorks. This is an inclusive movement, whose main goal is to achieve gender equality for the benefit of all. Join us and find your place in the movement.

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