Aalto Science Institute summer (June-August 2018) internships

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Aalto Science Institute's internship programme for summer 2018 has opened their call for international bachelor students.

Positions are available in several fields of study: mathematics, physics, engineering, computer science, materials physics, mechanical engineering etc.

AScI interns are usually hired for three months, and the typical training period is from June 1 until August 31.

AScI internship students will receive a salary from their hosting department. The salary is sufficient to cover living costs, for example student accommodation. The salary is determined based on experience and qualifications according to the salary system of Aalto University for student interns. Minimum internship salary is 1450 €/ month.

How to apply: http://asci.aalto.fi/en/internships/incoming_asci_interns/how_to_apply/

Available positions: http://asci.aalto.fi/en/internships/incoming_asci_interns/available_positions/

Further information:

Deadline for applications is 31.1.2018