3E+ Summer School at Wroclaw 2022 (Poland)

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Join the summer edition of 3E+ Summer School at Wrocław University of Science and Technology, one of the top technical universities in Poland.

3E+ offers 60 hours of interactive, small-scale courses. They are designed to provide an intensive, in-depth look at your topic of study. Choose the best one for yourself, according to your interests and knowledge. This year are proposed the following courses to choose from:

  • Introduction to Data Science with Python
  • (u)Computer-assisted scientific experiments
  • Designing secured and reliable computer network
  • Thermal comfort and renewable energy for low energy buildings

The school will last from 11 until 29 July 2022.

3E+ also offers Polish language and culture course. ‘After hours’ there will be a wide range of activities: from City sightseeing tours, sports activities to all day trips outside the City of Wrocław.

Deadline for applications:  27 May 2022

Early bird discount is available for applications submitted before 30 April 2022.This year there is also a special 10% discount for students from the partner institutions.

For any questions, please contact with:

Wrocław University of Science and Technology web

3E+ Summer School

ATTENTION: If you are accepted in the summer school and you would like to get academic recognition on your degree’s academic record for having carried out this activity, it is essential that, at least a couple of months before attending the course, you send an email to and we will assess whether or not recognition is possible. Be aware that the vast majority of Winter/Summer Schools do not offer academic recognition, and the courses with credit recognition results in a lower amount of ECTS than those proposed in the information leaflets