Free Classroom coordinator scholarship 2024-2025

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A scolarship has been called to carry out the coordination of the Aula Lliure program.

Aula Lliure

The scholarship for coordinator of the Aula Lliure program has been published.

The Aula Lliure project is designed so that the initial phase students of the GEI can take advantage of the academic experience of more veteran students (volunteer trainers) and thus improve their academic performance.

This coordination task involves carrying out a series of activities such as:

  • Establish the schedule of the program.
  • Recruit and select volunteers (academic trainers).
  • Establish the number of groups per subject, the timetables and the allocation of volunteers.
  • Manage the registration of initial phase students and assign them to groups.
  • Coordinate the activity of all academic mentors, monitor them, conduct surveys and keep the teachers responsible for the initial phase subjects informed.

Details of the scholarship and how to apply can be found on the scholarship portal with the following code:

Apart from processing the request via the scholarship application, the following documentation must also be sent by email to :

  • short CV
  • motivation letter
  • academic record

Candidates who have submitted the documentation will be called for a personal interview.

The deadline to apply for the scholarship is June 4, 2024.

This scholarship will lead to the maximum recognition of 2 ECTS credits.