Alícia Casals, winner of the 2022 Premi Carrera Acadèmica

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Alícia Casals has been awarded the Premi Carrera Acadèmica, for her leadership in robotics research applied to care, rehabilitation and surgery.


On 28 June 2022 at 7 pm, the Diada dels Enginyers of 2022, the great festival of engineers that took place this year in CosmoCaixa, highlighting the role of engineering in the progress of the world and people from research, knowledge and innovation. "From our institutions, we will continue to promote the profession, adding talent and knowledge, creating network and alliances. We will do so under the flag of technology as a key element of progress”, noted Maria Salamero, the new president of the Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya. "If Catalan society wants to respond to its challenges, it cannot do without engineering. We call for our role and for our contributions to be recognised and heard”, Dean Narcís Armengol concluded.

One of the great goals of Diada 2022 has been to reward and give visibility to the best engineering professionals and projects of 2021 for the progress of the world and people. One of the awards has been the "Premi Carrera Acadèmica” that has been given to the chair of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Alícia Casals, for his leadership in research on robotics applied to assistance, rehabilitation and surgery. Casals has stated that "it is a great satisfaction that your work is useful and well done". The award has been given by Pere Palacín, president of the jury of the Diada.

Since 2016, Alícia Casals is the head of the Grup de Robòtica i Visió of the CREB-UPC, leading research in robotics applied to care, rehabilitation and surgery. Casals has held different positions of relevance in different international organizations related to robotics and has created two companies: RobSurgical Systems and Surgitrainer.

Source: Diada 2022, recerca, coneixement i innovació