Emprèn UPC-Yuzz, FIB students win 2nd and 3rd prize

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The Emprèn UPC-Yuzz competition is organized under the Emprèn UPC Program. In its sixth edition, with more than 50 proposals, the first prize has been for "Finboot Tech".

"Finboot Tech" (www.finboot.com) is a project of Juan Miguel Pérez, PhD student at ICFO (Institut de Ciències Fotòniques),  focused on transforming the way in which banking transactions are carried out in the stock market through Smart contracts using Blockchain technology. In addition to winning the first prize, he also finished first in the Fintech category.



The second prize has went to ‘Seekr.fund’ (www.seekr.fund), a website that acts as a search engine and unifies all platforms that include crowdfunding projects. The members of the team of Seekr.fund are Xavier Algarra, Jonathan Nebot, Octavi Prais and Jaume Lladó, all students of the Degree in Informatics Engineering at FIB. The website also has a notification system to keep abreast of new proposals and offers mechanisms to create a correct crowdfunding campaign.




The third prize has been to ‘Psonrie’, the first online platform of unemployed psychologists to get in touch with troubled patients and families, offering virtual sessions at a reduced price. Jordi Boix, a FIB student, is its responsible.

The Dona prize (for women-only teams) has been earned by the 'Timeismoney' application. Petru Rares, who studies at FIB, and Mònica Angla, graduated in journalism from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), are the creators of this application, which allows to monitor the work time and categorize it, giving the possibility to create detailed reports and share them with others to manage outstanding work.