iWeek a Paris

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It is an activity specially recommended for students interested in doing a stay in EFREI or another university in Paris.

iWeek 2020 will be between 14 and 21 March 2020.

The registration should be done via iWeek web , as well as sending an e-mail at with subject "iWeek 2020" informing you have requested a place.

Deadline to register: 28 January 2020.

As you will see, you will only have to pay the transport to Paris and 80€ registration fee. All other expenses (residence, visits, trips...) are paid for by the organizaton. An insurance travel is needed.

For more information, check their website https://i-week.fr/#/, the Facebook iWeek Efrei page or send an e-mail to  or


Tuesday 17 December 2019-Tuesday 28 January 2020


FIB International Relations

(34) 93 401 07 37

Vice-dean for International Relations

(34) 93 401 69 61