Karina Gibert wins the Dona TIC Academic / Research Prize 12 × 12 2018

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The 12 × 12 Women's TIC prizes are aimed at rewarding the role of women and seek to disseminate women's referents in the field of ICT between society to promote ICT vocations in women.

Professor Karina Gibert, a member of the Department of Statistics and Operations Research and Professor of the FIB, has won the prize in the Academic / Researcher category. Her research focuses on the application of data analysis and artificial intelligence in the fields of health and the environment

These awards were created in 2015 to highlight the work of the women students and professionals in the field of new technologies, and create references for girls and young people to see that STEM disciplines are not an exclusively male world.

In particular, the winners of this edition have been:

  • Dona TIC Prize Entrepreneur: Maria Teixidor
  • Dona TIC Prize Revelation: Jordina Torrents
  • Dona TIC Informative: Xantal Llavina
  • Dona TIC Prize Academic/Researcher: Karina Gibert
  • Dona TIC Prize University Student: Laura Martínez
  • Special Student Mention University ICT: Sundus Ishaque
  • Dona TIC Prize Professional Formation Student: Cristina Martín
  • Dona TIC Prize Professional: Teresa Serra
  • Dona TIC Prize Business Iniciative: StrongHer de Nokia Spain SA
  • Dona TIC Prize Initiative of entity, training center / institution: ConectaCODE de la Fundación Esplai, Ciudadanía Comprometida

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