inLab FIB, UPC Award for Quality in University Teaching 2021

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The inLabFIB Talent programme receives the award in the teaching initiative category.

The inLab FIB has been awarded the 24th UPC Award for Quality in University Teaching for the initiative of the Talent programme. The prize is awarded by the Board of Trustees of the UPC with the purpose of encouraging excellence in the teaching role at the University. The other award-winning teaching initiative is the 1: 1 Scale Wood Workshop, promoted by teachers from the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB).

Professor Marta Fransoy Bel, from the Department of Optics and Optometry, and Professor Ramon Bragós Bardia, from the Department of Electronic Engineering and professor at the FIB, have also been awarded for the value of their teaching models. The honorary mention for his teaching career has gone posthumously to Joaquín Montón Lecumberri, from the Department of Architectural Technology and professor at the Barcelona School of Building Construction (EPSEB).

Professor Josep Casanovas have directed the Talent programme until mid-2020 and Professor Ernest Teniente, director of the inLab FIB, and Professor Maria Ribera Sancho, head of the programme and associate director of the inLab FIB, both from the Department of Service and Information System Engineering, currently leads it. The programme also has a team made up of teachers from different departments and involves a group of professionals from the administrative staff of the faculty.

This teaching initiative of the inLab FIB is aimed at the University's undergraduate, master and doctoral students to boost their capacity for entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. The Talent programme, which annually incorporates a hundred of students, intends to achieve, through curricular or extracurricular internships, a comprehensive training complementing that obtained with the ordinary follow-up of studies. On the other hand, the performance of academic tutors is combined as a link for the students participating in the bachelor’s thesis, master's practices or doctoral theses. According to the jury of this edition, "it has contributed to the projection of informatics engineering studies, mainly in terms of innovation, technology transfer and social recognition."

The inLab FIB programme has the recognition of companies and external institutions at the University, and it has obtained the Tecnio and ISO9001 quality seals. In addition, it has recently been recognised by the Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP) as one of the good teaching practices of Catalan universities.

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