Fibers win the first prize in the HackForGood Barcelona 2017

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On Saturday, the 11th of March, in the Ágora room of the Campus Nord at the UPC, have been announced the winners of the HackForGood of this edition.

On the 9th,10th and 11th of March the "HackForGood" has taken place, a hackathon organized by the UPC, the UPF and the UOC, and centred on the social innovation with the intention of developing new ideas, services and applications that help to solve social problems, satisfying existing needs, creating new communities, developing collaborations among public institutions, private institutions and the third sector, etc

The winners of this edition in Barcelona have been:

  • First prize "TellMedLeaflet" that recognizes medicines for persons with visual difficulties and that has been created by Ester Lorente, Marc Vila, Juan Salmerón and Oriol Serch, all of them fibers and members of the inLab FIB


  • Second prize "Health4U"
  • Third prize "Apporta"
  • Prize to the major social impact "DEMOCRAGY"
  • Prize to better educational project "LearnForGood"
  • Prize to the project with better design "HealthQuest", has been for José Sánchez, Jordi Farran, Luis Delicado and Sergi Sanchez, students of the FIB.
  • Prize to the best project of mobility "Ramplt", developed by the fiber Pau Oliver.

The prize worldwide still has not been decided, because the hackathon was done in several cities in parallel.

More information: HackForGood2017