Xocolatada 2019

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A few days ago, the 2019 edition of the XOCOLATADA was held with massive success

defib xocolatada 2019

Is there anything better for these cold and chilly holidays than the warmth and taste of hot cocoa? Well, if you took part in the activity that DEFIB organized, you could even get the best combination available, MUFFIN + HOT COCOA. And what did we, mere mortals, have to do in order to win such an amazing prize? Simple, get ready and go to BBC’s studio to participate in the amazing “PASAPALABRA”! While we did not have any of the iconic TV hosts working with us, our dear DEFIB members were certainly not inferior.

The event was thoroughly enjoyed by the participants, and we saw the energy with which the younger members of the organization came in, giving it all to put on a show and filling every student’s hearts with warm chocolate, serving as a reminder to all students that they are there to help, no matter if it is through support or representing students or, as was the case, through giving them some hot cocoa.

Another year and another amazing edition of this now yearly staple that makes students go through this stressful exam period with slightly more happiness.