Ramon Martí explains the preparations for the 50th anniversary of the UPC

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The past 9th of April 2019, Ramon Martí explained to the students of PSI and SIO, subjects within the Information Systems Specialization of the Bachellor in Informatics Engineering of the FIB, the preparations for the 50th Anniversary of the UPC.

Ramon Martí is currently the member of the UPC Rectorate Office in charge, among other tasks, of the initial preparations for the 50th anniversary of the UPC, a celebration that has already been programmed and announced throughout the UPC community.

For the current edition of SIO and PSI, the organization of institutional celebrations, such as the recent 40th anniversary of the FIB, has been chosen as a practical work domain. This option is facilitated by the fact that the professor of these subjects, Joan A. Pastor, has been involved in various institutional celebrations of this type, including those mentioned.

With different approaches and methods, SIO and PSI students can analyze and project the main challenges, services, processes and information systems functionalities necessary for a consulting initiative specialized in institutional celebrations. For this reason, the specific case of the 50th anniversary of the UPC, despite its initial situation, serves perfectly as a real and very current example.

Ramon Martí explained the organizational and technical details of the 50th anniversary of the UPC, including details and decisions on approach, focus, purposes, sponsorship, governance and work processes, as well as current and future information systems, which will serve as support for the design and implementation of the 50th anniversary acts of the UPC.


Martí is a Telecommunications Engineer (UPC), a Graduate in Business Administration and Management (UOC) and a Doctor of Technology and Education (URV). He has worked in various UPC services, UpcNet and IThinkUPC, among others. Now is a professor of the FIB in the master MSEC, thanks to his knowledge acquired in his doctoral thesis and his experience in digital innovation in the educational industry.

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