PCA students visit HP installations

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Discover the adventure of Fibers in HP, the conferences they attended and the mysteries that were found there!

A few curious students of the subject Programació Conscient de l'Arquitectura (PCA) were encouraged to venture into the HP installations.

The visit consisted of two technical talks:

  • Scope of the firmware / software of 2D and 3D printers.
  • Acceleration area of ​​the color processing part and sensor controls with FPGA.

Then, HP's Human Resources explained the possibilities of working in the company and the future that they could have in HP

Finally, they made a tour through the facilities where they were told and taught where prototype printers were built, and how resistance was controlled to heat, humidity, blows, etc. The experience was widely enjoyed and, in addition, the students thanked them for having a bus funded for FIB in order to reach it.