AI Coliseum 2019

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Didn't you have enough with the EDA game? Now you can show what you're worth in the second edition of AI Coiseum. Program your own bot and surprise yourself!

The second edition of the AI Coliseum contest is here!
The participants will have to program the artificial intelligence of a game in Java that will be revealed at the beginning of the event. Participation is free and open to everyone, and you can participate with teams of up to 4 people. This year, the client to visualize the games is made in Unity and will incorporate tools that will facilitate the analysis of the games. You can also find much more i challenge during the contest.

During the contest, the raised bots will face each other systematically and, at the end of the two weeks, a final double elimination tournament will be held with all the players. Who endures until the end wins up to € 1000 in prizes!

But if you have not yet written code in Java, do not worry. AI Coliseum will provide you with all the material and documentation necessary to implement the bots.

The calendar for these activities is the following:

  • Saturday, 6 th July 10:00 am: Start of the AI ​​Coliseum 2019 and Challenge 8h in the Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics of the UPC
  • Monday, 15 th July 7:00 pm: Sprint Tournament
  • Sunday, 21 st July 23:59 h: End of shipment period
  • Monday, 22 nd July 7:00 pm: Qualifying Tournament
  • Friday, 26 th July 7:00 pm: Final Tournament to the Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics of the UPC

This competition is organized without any profit motive. Both the participation and the material used are completely free.

See how to participate and design your bot: