UPC Associations Awards

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The UPC has delivered the awards to the UPC Student Associations 2019/2020 in an online ceremony.

The 3rd edition of these awards announced by the UPC by decision of the Governing Council 2020/05/55 took place on 11 December and awarded the following entities:

  • Environment-Social Impact category, a one thousand euros prize, to the Base-A association, a group of architecture students and young architects who collaborate with professionals in the social field to carry out social and participatory architecture projects in Catalonia, Nepal and Senegal.
  • Studies-Cross-disciplinary training category, a one thousand euros prize, to the Jedi association, a junior non-profit company made up mainly of students from the Barcelona School of Informatics (FIB) that offers web and mobile consulting services, online marketing and training, amongst others.
  • Participation-Social life category, a one thousand euros prize. This year, the category has split the award into two associations: Arreplegats de la Zona Universitària, a university human tower group, and Telecogresca, the association that organises the university party of the same name. Both entities have received a total of five hundred euros each.

These awards promote the involvement and promotion of the inspiring values ​​of the university life during the academic year. The online award ceremony had the participation of the rector of the UPC, Francesc Torres; the vice-rector for Teaching and Students, Núria Garrido; the coordinator of the events of the 50th anniversary of the UPC, Marc López, and the head of the Rector's Bureau, Carme Fenoll.

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