Petar Jovanovic, profesor at FIB, wins one of the prizes SCIE / BBVA

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The aim of the Sociedad Científica Informática de España and the Fundación BBVA awards is to recognize and stimulate the creativity, originality and excellence of young doctors (under 30) to strengthen our country's position on the international stage


Petar Jovanovic has received the award for his research in the area of management of large data packages 'Big Data' against diseases.

Jovanovic, a postdoctoral researcher at the UPC Department of Service and Information Systems Engineering, is the author of fifteen high impact publications and four patents, one of them as the main innovator. Of Serbian nationality, he obtained the title of Software Engineering at the University of Belgrade, and PhD in 2016 at the UPC and the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium).


Jovanovic's research in Big Data is already being used to speed up the analysis of World Health Organization (WHO) program data to eradicate diseases affecting disadvantaged countries such as Chagas disease. "The goal of my work is to propose innovative technologies that facilitate users' analytical tasks," he explains. Specifically, it has created a platform, Quarry1, which offers users without technical skills, such as entrepreneurs, statisticians or other scientists, ease of integration and data analysis, according to their needs.

The six winning doctors in this first edition are authors of high-impact work in areas such as superordinator architecture, digital image processing, large data volume management, automated learning and artificial intelligence.

The other winners of the prize and the subject researched are:

  • Cristóbal Camarero: Architecture of supercomputers
  • Elena Garcés: The revolution of virtual reality
  • Josué Feliu Pérez: Optimization of processors
  • María Pérez Ortiz: Artificial intelligence to manage transplants
  • Alejandro Ramos Soto: Generation of natural language