Fibers in the HackPrague 2017

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During the weekend of June 17 and 18, the 1st edition of HackPrague was held. A group of 5 FIB students, all of them members of inLab, Eduard Maura, Juan Salmerón, Sergio Paredes, Juan José Vázquez and Marc Vila travelled to the capital of the Czech Republic to participate.


HackPrague is a completely new hackathon and is not affiliated with the Major League of Hacking (MLH), but functions as an independent event and, therefore, its participation is not restricted to students only. 

Technological giants like Google, Facebook, Bloomberg, Avast and JetBrains were some of the sponsors that sponsored this event and presented challenges in which to participate.

IctusDetection, project awarded by Bloomberg and JetBrains

Eduard, Sergio  and Juan José built a mobile application for Android using Kotlin and the Google cloud.

The application, developed under the name of  IctusDetection, offers a system of detection and prevention of strokes using analysis tools and sensors present in smartphones.

This project was awarded for two of the challenges proposed by the sponsors:

  • Bloomberg with the Coolest Tech Prize
  • JetBrains with the Let's Program in Kotlin! prize

Marc Vila and Juan Salmerón developed McTrack Advertising, a dynamic and intelligent advertising system based on the history of wireless device detections. The system detects these devices and saves them along with descriptions of establishments close to detection, using the Google Places API and Firebase. The system analyzes the behaviour of the device to extract a profile. In the advertising panels the nearby devices are detected and, in this way, can be offered customized according to the profile of the people close to the advertising space.

In addition, Marc Vila participated in the challenge of Bloomberg that was to solve a series of problems of computational character, being fourth classified.

More information: HackPrague2017