The fiber Ester Lorente awared the Dona TIC 2017 prize

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The Dona TIC Prize wants to recognize and disseminate the fundamental role of women in the TIC field and encourage more young women to study engineering and take on leadership positions in the sector.


Esther Lorente, a computer engineer and student at the Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics, has won the Student Category of the Premi 12 X 12 Dona TIC 2017.

These awards were created in 2015 to highlight the work of students and professionals in the field of new technologies, and create references for girls to see that the STEM disciplines are not an exclusively male world.

In particular, the winners of this third edition have been:

  • Dona TIC Prize Speaker: Mariola Dinarès, journalist specializing in social networks, communicator and digital entrepreneur who is currently directing and presenting the Popap program in Catalunya Ràdio.
  • Dona TIC Prize Academic / Researcher: Ana Ripoll, PhD in Physics and Professor of Architecture and Computing Technology at the UAB, who has focused her teaching and research in the field of computer architecture and parallel processing.
  • Dona TIC Prize Professional: Ana Sabater, Computer Technical Engineer and Master in Marketing, Distribution and Consumption, co-founder and associate director of EUGENOMIC, who has developed an innovative and exclusive methodology to apply pharmacogenetics through a methodology based on g-Nomic
  • Dona TIC Prize Student ICT University: Ester Lorente, a computer engineer who is currently studying the Master's in Innovation and Research in Informatics and participates in the Talent of the inLab FIB, in the area of ​​Smart Mobility.
  • Dona TIC Prize Student ICT Vocational Training: Marina Blasco, second year student of Telecommunications and Computer Systems, which is currently developing a project in the field of ICT (a vehicle that is self-managed energetically) together with two colleagues.
  • Dona TIC Prize Revelation: Mireia Calvo, Telecommunications Engineer, with a Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering and a European Doctorate in Signal Processing and Telecommunications, who has obtained 5 scholarships during her professional career and has just finished her doctorate with a thesis results of which allow a better understanding of a disease that causes sudden cardiac death to people with seemingly normal hearts.
  • Dona TIC Prize Entrepreneur: Mar Alarcón, who has created the first technology platform in Spain and, currently, the leader in car rental between individuals: She is its founder and manager, as well as a mentor of technological start-ups at the Connector and Ship2B accelerators, among others.
  • Dona TIC Prize Business Initiative: Oracle4Girls, the initiative of the leading company of the Oracle TIC sector that aims to promote the interest for technology among girls with technology workshops for girls from 4 years old to come into contact with technology, living a creative and technical experience in a fun way.

The awards ceremony was held on December 14, 2017 during the 12×12 Congress, the great year-end meeting of the entire Catalan TIC sector, organized by Tertúlia Digital and the Secretaria de Telecomunicacions, Ciberseguretat and Societat Digital.




Sources: SmartCatalonia