Fermín Sánchez receives the FIB Mention at the 21st Festibity

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Professor Fermín Sánchez, from the Department of Computer Architecture, has been awarded the FIB Mention in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the life of the faculty.

On Wednesday 12 June, the 21st Festibity (Information Technology Festival) was held at the Maritime Museum. During the event, four Festibity Mentions are awarded: awards given by the Barcelona School of Informatics and FIB Alumni (FIB Alumni Association) in recognition of the work of people or companies that have distinguished themselves in the field of information technologies, defending values or methods in order to tune with the objectives of FIB Alumni and the FIB.

This year the FIB Mention goes to Fermín Sánchez, professor in the Department of Computer Architecture, in recognition of his important contribution to the faculty and the university community.

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