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The National Institute of Informatics (NII) in Tokyo offers the possibility of doing a financed short stay, between 2 and 6 months, starting between June and March with the aim to do a research stay on diverse topics. There are usually two calls per academic year: first at about April and the second one around September-October.

The number of places is very small and shared with ETSETB students.

The interested should send their application by email to with subject NII Internship including:
- Level of English and available accreditation.
- Motivation letter in English (it is very important in the selection process).
- Application form, duly completed, that can be found at   (In this link you can check the current call (1st or 2nd))
The application form must relate, at most, three research topics to choose from those found in the List of Research topics.
- Academic transcript of the program of current studies or last program studied.
- Copy of email from a supervisor of NII accepting to work with the candidate (at least attach one acceptance).


Applicants will be informed if they have passed the initial selection process two weeks after the end of the application period. One month later the NII final resolution is published.

Accepted students always have to begin their stay before late March of the following year.

Online procedure

1st call: From mid April to mid May

Resolution of the 1st call: Late June


2nd call: From the end of September to mid-October

Resolution of the 2nd call: Mid December

Students from the different FIB master's and doctorates related to FIB

This procedure is free.