The UPC, 1st of Europe in Computer Science & Mathematics

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One more year the UPC is ranked as the 1st European university in scientific production in Mathematics and Computer Science in the Leiden Ranking.

The CWTS Leiden Ranking evaluates institutions’ scientific output by analysing a set of bibliometric indicators and offers important insights performance of nearly 1000 major universities worldwide. The reference database is the Web of Science.

The Ranking analyses the results obtained in five broad areas: Biomedical and Health Sciences, Life and Earth Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science, Physical Sciences and Engineering, and Social Sciences and Humanities. It also provides information grouped together for all fields.

The Ranking analyses a series of indicators and does not use a composite index that might allow institutions to be ranked in a single list; there are therefore as many classifications as the number of indicators and fields analysed. Nevertheless, the P indicator, which refers to number of publications, is the one that appears by default when you access the Ranking.

If we consider this indicator, in the 2019 edition the UPC ranks 44th in the world and is the top European university in the field of Mathematics and Computer Science. In Physical Sciences and Engineering, it ranks 191st in the world and 47th in Europe.

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