Recruiting Erasmus

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Have you gone to Erasmus or are you about to do it? Or even better, you're in Erasmus here. Then you are interested in learning Recruiting Erasmus!


New promotional campaign of the Recruiting Erasmus(obriu en una finestra nova) program, aimed at students who have already made an international stay or have to do it soon.

The  Recruiting Erasmus(obriu en una finestra nova) program is an innovative project that was born at the initiative of PeopleMatters(obriu en una finestra nova), with the aim of facilitating contact between partner companies, and students and graduates who:

  • Currently they do part of their studies outside of Spain, or have already completed part of their studies outside Spain (either with the Erasmus + program or within the framework of some other international mobility program).
  • All the international students who have chosen Spain as a destination (exchange students or with studies here), and who might want to jump into the professional world here, or return to their country of origin at the hands of one of the partner companies of the program Recruiting Erasmus.(obriu en una finestra nova)

If you are interested, go to the  Recruiting Erasmus(obriu en una finestra nova)  website and sign up.