Internships offered in France

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Internships offered in France (Toulouse and Castres) to carry out the TFM.

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1st Internship offered by IRIT (Institute of Research of Computer Science of Toulouse, Toulouse)

Consists on developing a proof of concept for blockchain in the case of brain injury patients for the tracking of patient data according to the RGPD requirements.

Development languages: Angular JS for the front end and mongoDB for the database, any knowledge on blockchain is welcome (they plan to use hyperledger as a framework for the blockchain).

Required background: operational research, modelization, database, mobile application.

2nd Internship offered by ISIS Engineering School (Institut National Universitaire Champollion, Castres, France)

Dedicated for data science profiles, the idea is to use time series reduction techniques in order to provide a significant signal to detect the deviation of walk for elderly people. They have developed a dataset for several case of fall, deviation and walk. They are searching a student who wants to investigate time series techniques on those datasets.

Required background: time series, machine learning, python or R.


The interested candidates (master students) should apply directly sending their CV and a presentation/motivation letter to Ms Imen Megdiche ( or ).

Application deadline: 15 March 2019

The internship is planned to begin at the latest the first or second week of April. The length of the internship will be for 6 month.

If you finally agree an internship please contact to begin the administrative procedures.

These internships are remunerated with about 560€ per month. Furthermore, it is possible to request the Erasmus+ traineeship grant.