Hackers@UPC organizes HackStart

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Day: Wednesday, 22nd of May 2019
Time: 12 p.m.
Venue: Sala Àgora, Campus Nord

HackStart is an event that aims to build the connection, which unfortunately Hackers@UPC considers weak, between startups and students. Although Barcelona was considered one of the most important European cities in the entrepreneurial world, students still doubt the credibility of this type of company. This is where HackStart comes in.

HackStart is a short event of 2-3 hours that will be held on 22nd of May at 12 p.m on Campus Nord where the schedule of the event can be clearly differentiated from two points:

  • Startup Pitch to students: each startup will have a 2 minute pitch where they will present a general overview.
  • Networking: the organization will provide pizzas to generate an environment where, in a totally free, startups and students can talk and get to know each other better.

This event, from the startup perspective, can serve to publicize the impact they are having on the market and in the process of recruiting student talent at one of the best universities in Europe to which Computer Science refers.

The event is completely free. It will simply have to appear on the day of the event and build this connection that we want so much between these two worlds.

More information: https://hackstart.dev/