Hack the Box, pen-testing lab

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Do you know Hack the Box? Sign up and participate as a UPC member.

This platform offers a lot of hacking exercises as challenges, and you could say is a CTF (Capture The Flag) laboratory, as more challenges you achieve more increase your points. Is a good learning tool to learn and increase your cybersecurity knowledge. It also is an open platform where anyone can register, you only have to achieve a challenge.

This year, the UPC has signed up in the platform of pen-testing "Hack The Box" in the University category. If you are a UPC student and you want to be a part of the UPC inside the platform, you can send an email to from your own email account of the UPC, with your username.

Formar parte de la Universidad te da la posibilidad de participar en los CTF interuniversitarios a escala mundial, que periódicamente organiza la plataforma. Concretamente, este noviembre tendrá lugar el primero en el cual la UPC participará y en el cual ya estamos inscritos. Os animamos a participar.

Being part of the University gives you the possibility of participating on the world interuniversities CTF, that organizes the platform. Specifically, this November will be the first in which the UPC will participate. We encourage you to participate.