The UPC team ThunderChip wins the prize “Fan Favorite” at ISC17

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For second consecutive year a team of the UPC has won the ISC-HPCAC Student Cluster Competition that has been celebrated in Frankfurt (Germany) from 19 to 21 of June.

This year the team was formed by Antoni Navarro, Carles Garrigue, Fabio Banchelli, Ferran Pallarès, Marc Benito and Víctor Antón, and assessorat by Dani Ruiz and Filippo Mantovani.

In this edition have taken part 12 teams. The purpose of this competition is to introduce the next generation of students to the technology HPC and to his community.

This award is given to the team which receives the most unique votes from ISC participants during the Student Cluster Competition.

More information: ThunderChip