Pilar Conesa Santamaria has been awarded by DonaTIC Honorary Award

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DonaTic Awards, organised by the Departament de la Vicepresidència i de Polítiques Digitals i Territori, distincts Pilar Conesa Santamaria with DonaTIC Honorary Award for her professional career.


DonaTIC Awards grants for the first time with DonaTIC Honorary Award, which has been given to Pilar Conesa Santamaria for her professional career.

Graduated in Informatics Engineering at FIB, Pilar Conesa has promoted different initiatives such as the promotion and consolidation of the Smart City Expo World Congress, the digital transformation of public administration and the use of technology in the 1992 Paralympic Games. In addition, Pilar has founded the consulting company Anteverti, a reference company in the urban innovation sector, she has also collaborated in several associations to foster the global presence of women in the technological world.

DonaTIC Awards convene to distinguish the role of women in the professional, business and academic world in ICT sector and to disseminate benchmarks among society to promote STEAM vocations and encourage the presence of women in technological and engineering careers.

In this eighth edition, 11 women from the business, professional and academic fields, likewise a business initiative and a social initiative have received a prize in 2022 DonaTIC cerimony.

In 2018, Pilar Conesa had already received the award of Honour at the 23rd edition of La Nit de les telecomunicacions i la informática. This highest distinction ackowledge Pilar for being  pioneer in the promotion of the so-called 'smart cities'.